Lixir releases exclusive pool for Urbit

2 min readDec 16, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Lixir is ready to launch soon for Wrapped Star (WSTR)!

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Lixir is excited to announce that we will be exclusively opening the Lixir v3 pool for an innovative project called, a decentralized network protocol built from the ground up to address issues with the current internet. We are excited to be working with this amazing project, and we have support from Urbit community members that will benefit both Lixir and Urbit moving forward.

What is Urbit?

Urbit is a community project that redesigns the computer science stack from the ground up to allow programmers to streamline the entire development process. Urbit is a decentralized peer to peer network that values your privacy and is completely encrypted for maximum security.

Urbit rethinks online identities. With Urbit ID, you only need one login for everything. “Urbit ID is a decentralized addressing and public key infrastructure designed for Urbit OS.” Urbit completely transforms how we think about the internet and online ownership. You can read more about Urbit OS here.

Urbit is an ambitious and innovative project primed for success. We are excited to be working with Urbit on their liquidity pools for the Urbit Wrapped Stars, and we can’t wait to see what Urbit holds for the future.

Feel free to browse through their Twitter or website.

Lixir v3 Pool

The Urbit Project is one of a kind, and Lixir Finance will be taking the first step in bringing this highly technical and complex project onto the Ethereum network. With the Lixir v3 pools, users will be able to purchase wrapped Urbit stars on the Ethereum network and bridge them to the Urbit network.

Urbit Wrapped Star (WSTR) is the token that will be launching on the Lixir v3 pools. Urbit Wrapped Star is the ERC-20 token equivalent to the Urbit star, which is currently represented as an NFT (ERC-721). Each star represents Urbit’s address space and can be used to spawn planets. Through Urbit’s Star Market, you can convert between the Urbit Wrapped Stars to the Urbit Stars that exist in the Urbit system.

To access the WSTR pools, head over to Lixir Finance and provide the desired amount of WSTR/ETH Liquidity Provider tokens. Lixir Finance will automatically manage your LP tokens, and you can earn some sweet APY in the process. This is a mutually beneficial partnership for both communities so you can feel good about farming while letting Lixir do everything for you.

We will announce the launch date soon and will put the weights up for a vote together with other upcoming announcements.

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