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The winning address was: 0x33a3f35daf0f25b15a2232f435d7e6feb6984eab

Checkout our #community-contests channel on discord to review the drawing.

We would like to take a moment and thank @mochiNFT for creating…

Celebratory NFT series & giveaway!

Dear Familix,
we here at LIXIR would like to share the first in a series of very special NFT’s representing milestones and moments that we had together as a community!

We present to you “Team Pool Party“ NFT#1 Celebrating our launch with a LIXIR pool party!”

This fun design was…

Dear Lixers,

The day has come we waited for that Lixir transitions into the next phase!

We are happy to announce that the new vaults are live and staking & farming have been integrated as per LIP-1! With the launch of the new vaults some minor issues have now been…

We are excited to announce the launch of our initial governance structure along with our first Lixir Improvement Proposal, LIP-1!

As with any protocol that installs a DAO, we cannot be completely decentralized from the get-go, and so the initial governance structure will not aim to be. …

After many weeks of hard work, tons of brain cells used and short sleep cycles for months, we are proud to present the first version of Lixir v1!

Our goal is to prove the most user friendly, convenient, safest and profitable platform for V3 liquidity providing. …

Lixir facilitates fair distribution of LIX through successful bootstrapping event

The LIX sale

Key facts about the LBP

  • End date: 4PM UTC 10th May, 2021
  • Initial $LIX balance: 1million (10% of total supply)
  • Possible additional $LIX injection : 1.5million (15% of total supply)
  • Initial $USDC balance: 1 million
  • Starting weight: 96% $LIX : 4% $USDC
  • Ending weight: 48 % $LIX …

Lixir, the world’s first automated liquidity concentration manager, has successfully completed its presale token distribution event with more then $1,700,000 ($1.7m) of tokens purchased. Exactly 1,104,674 LIX (1.1m) tokens were sold during the presale event.

Following the success of the presale event, the Lixir team has turned its attention to…

How it Works

Auto-rebalancing of your concentrated liquidity.

Let’s say Alice decides to use a standard…


However, this almost immediately resulted in more verbal commitments than tokens available for sale (a good problem to have). …

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