Winner Winner NFT Dinner

2 min readOct 15, 2021


to our First NFT contest winner! We had 16 eligible participants who locked at least 2,500 LIX for a minimum of three months!

The winning address was: 0x33a3f35daf0f25b15a2232f435d7e6feb6984eab

Checkout our #community-contests channel on discord to review the drawing.

We would like to take a moment and thank @mochiNFT for creating this awesome piece!

Today her design “Be a Party Chad with Sushi” will be auctioned off at 16:00 UTC via 👀 we’re surely going to keep our eyes on it!

We are pleased to announce our continuation of our series drawn by mochi herself!

Voila! “Lixir Halloween Party!”

You might spot a “Chating with Spliner” or A pretty cool Alien playing a banjo out by a toxic swamp as well as many other surprises!👽🪕.

This single image has been split into three and minted by the artist. We thank each and every one of you for your continuous support.

Happy Halloween! 🎃

How to win one of the three pieces?

Post about Lixir on ANY social media or crypto related site. some examples:

Reddit , 4chan , Twitter, Instagram , Tiktok, FB etc. then post proof in our #community-contests channel on discord! You can submit 5 entries a day up till Halloween where we will randomly announce a 1 hour closing period to get your final posts in. Thereafter the giveaway will be conducted using a random picking website & we will screen record the results!

Feel free to say whatever you like in the submitting post. All we require is for the post to contain anything along the lines of look at , check out, you guys gotta see, etc — “Lixir.Finance”

Be sure to like & share each other’s posts! You are able to share into our lixir tweets TG (@lixirtweets) channel for additional community support during this contest.