Staking, Farming & New Vaults

Dear Lixers,

The day has come we waited for that Lixir transitions into the next phase!

We are happy to announce that the new vaults are live and staking & farming have been integrated as per LIP-1! With the launch of the new vaults some minor issues have now been fixed. As for farming & staking, the most important points of this integration consist of

- LIX farming emissions for every vault

- LIX can be timelocked for veLIX in order to boost one’s farming rewards by up to 2.5x

- veLIX rather than LIX will now represent one’s voting power in governance matters

Users are able to head over to the website or dApp directly and migrate their liquidity at their earliest convenience.

For more information regarding staking, farming or other questions, you can also visit our Gitbook or ask one of our Telegram community managers for help!



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