Lixir Pool Party

Dear Familix,
we here at LIXIR would like to share the first in a series of very special NFT’s representing milestones and moments that we had together as a community!

We present to you “Team Pool Party“ NFT#1 Celebrating our launch with a LIXIR pool party!”

This fun design was created by @MochiNFT ( who recently won the first place in the Sushi Birthday NFT competition, submitting her custom piece: “Be a Party Chad with Sushi.” In this design you will find each team member enjoying a day at the pool with a few surprise community members and messages hidden within!

To spice up the launch of our Lix staking a bit, we will be giving this away to one of you, in our first LIX staking contest!

To participate, stake at least 2,500 or more LIX tokens within the first 14 days for at least 3 months after launching the Lixir staking! We will take a snapshot at the end of the 14 days and submit all the eligible addresses into a random picking website. We will screen record the results for everyone to review as well as send the special gift!

You can expect our next NFT contest within the next 30 days and we plan to continue releasing one each month! We may consider minting multiples of future designs based on community feedback.

This NFT series is yet another way to thank our beloved Lixir community.

We hope you enjoy!




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