Lixir launches Vault Expansion Program

2 min readNov 11, 2021

We are happy to announce that today marks the first day of our Vault Expansion Program! After a couple weeks of amazing growth, our TVL now stands at an impressive $11M+ and continues to grow at an incredible rate!

We’ve been asked to launch more vaults almost daily ever since the initial vaults went live, and we’re glad to be able to confidently say that now seems like the perfect time to finally expand our selection of vaults.

As such, we have launched a new Snapshot vote through which you are able to delegate your voting power in any desired breakdown to any number of the nine pre-selected tokens that we feel fit our protocol’s best interest in terms of profitability and reach. The Snapshot vote will be live for 48 hours from November 10th 6PM UTC until November 12th 6PM UTC. The two tokens that gain the most votes will be added to the vault selection through a WETH pairing.

From here on out we will aim to launch a new Snapshot vote for one new pairing every two weeks in order to keep consistently expanding our selection while making sure the new vaults fill up properly.

In addition to this steady expansion program, we will also start introducing the first partners that will leverage Lixir in order to deploy liquidity on Uniswap V3 and Trident — more on this soon.

We believe that steady expansion through this combination of both popular/established pairings as well as partnered protocols will result in fast and sustainable growth in terms of TVL, adoption and profitability.

Now go out and vote, Familix!