How to join the Pre-Sale


We started off by accepting verbal commitments from our community members to guarantee participation on a first come, first serve basis.

Important Facts

  • We are an anonymous team, and see it as best for the project’s long-term future if we keep it that way
  • This way of vesting and pre-sale is expensive in gas!! Don’t do it if you are not ok in spending 300$–700$ in gas (depending on Ethereum.)
  • For buying directly from Etherscan scroll completely down.
  • Lixir is an early stage project and you should DYOR before you invest


  • 6 months vesting. The first month is a cliff (no tokens unlock) and for the remaining 5 months, tokens unlock linearly at daily intervals.
  • The sale will end either when all tokens are sold, or at 21.04.2021 ; 23:59 CET, whichever comes first
  • No minimum ticket size
  • 1.5 million Lix are available in the pre sale
  • 1 LIX = 1,5$


  • Is this safe? Yes, we used an OpenZeppelin contract and tested everything to make sure funds are SAFU
  • Why does it cost so much gas? The downside of using OpenZeppelin is the high gas cost, but it’s worth the investment

How it works

  • Click “Purchase and Vest” to confirm the transaction

How to check your vesting

When you followed the steps, you are now a member of the LIX vesting gang ✌️😎

It will look like this:

PS: When you want to use the contract instead of the Dashboard follow those steps:

1. Go to