App is Live & Short Tutorial

2 min readJul 20, 2021

After many weeks of hard work, tons of brain cells used and short sleep cycles for months, we are proud to present the first version of Lixir v1!

Our goal is to prove the most user friendly, convenient, safest and profitable platform for V3 liquidity providing. By achieving this, we had to pioneer into a new and deep mathematical approach to create what set out to do.

The first version features 3 pools :


And then soon after

  • WBTC/renBTC

Future pools will be voted and decided on by the DAO and the underlying governance process. Therefore, there are artificial caps on which pools would be possible, but we believe that only reasonable tokens will be launched as the community will only allow beneficial pairs on Lixir.

What’s to come for the next weeks and months:

  • Lix staking and farming
  • As soon as the first yields are generated, we lay out the details for our $LIX buyback program.
  • Lix requirement to join farming
  • Governance
  • Single sided liquidity entrance


  1. Connect your Metamask wallet
  2. Choose from the top menu, “Invest” to join a pool, “Farm” to stake your Lix, “Trade” to buy or sell Lix (all menu points later in time)
  3. Choose a pool you want to join/invest/provide liquidity

4. Choose the token pair or single token in case you add single sided liquidity (later in time). You first have to approve the tokens, in case you haven’t already. Click for example max of one of the tokens or the desired amount and the system automatically calculates how much you need to create the liquidity pair. Choose the slippage you want to take to provide the liquidity. We suggest 0.5%.

5. In case you want to withdraw your liquidity position, choose either max or a custom amount you want to withdraw, choose the slippage and click on withdraw.

6. See all relevant details for this pool