to our First NFT contest winner! We had 16 eligible participants who locked at least 2,500 LIX for a minimum of three months!

The winning address was: 0x33a3f35daf0f25b15a2232f435d7e6feb6984eab

Checkout our #community-contests channel on discord to review the drawing.

We would like to take a moment and thank @mochiNFT for creating…

Celebratory NFT series & giveaway!

Dear Familix,
we here at LIXIR would like to share the first in a series of very special NFT’s representing milestones and moments that we had together as a community!

We present to you “Team Pool Party“ NFT#1 Celebrating our launch with a LIXIR pool party!”

This fun design was…

After many weeks of hard work, tons of brain cells used and short sleep cycles for months, we are proud to present the first version of Lixir v1!

Our goal is to prove the most user friendly, convenient, safest and profitable platform for V3 liquidity providing. …

Lixir’s Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) Event concluded at 4PM UTC 10th May, 2021. Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool enabled Lixir to optimally distribute LIX tokens and bootstrap liquidity without overcapitalization. The LBP was permissionless, without the need of third party assistance or funding.

The LIX sale

The Lixir LBP started at 4PM UTC…

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